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SEO Techniques Class


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a very generous source of traffic, or a wicked temptress that elludes your efforts to increase traffic on your website. If you've read all that you can read about SEO, if you are new to search engine optimization but know that it's important for sales on your website, or if you have staff doing SEO for you, but would like to better understand what it is they are doing and recommending, then come to this class. SEO Basics is good for websites and blogs of all sizes. Search engines don't discriminate if you are Nike or if you are a little shop who just put up a blog. They care about if you have information that is useful to a particular search request.

In this SEO Basics class, we will cover:
  • Meta and Title tags: where they show up, who reads them, and how to write them.
  • How to find golden keywords in your own site statistics.
  • How to use what you have, edit it, and potentially double your traffic for that keyword.
  • Link building strategies and why internal and external links are one of the most important keys to building traffic. Don't know what an internal and external link is? You will after this class.
  • How Socialness (social networking) can help you in search results.
  • Why your website design really matters.
  • Why Flash and image-based websites can kill your potential search results. They may look pretty, but your competition just got a big leg up.
  • Google Analytics to track what is working, not working, and develop new strategies.
You will leave with:
  • 5 hot areas where you really want keywords to be on EACH of your web pages
  • Easy ideas for new blog posts which can lead to a surprising amount of traffic
Come prepared with one burning question (hard, right?). We will go around the room and ask these questions in order to answer them during the class. The final portion of the class will be devoted to a Q/A session.

 WHEN ::
Monday, June 23, 6:30-8pm 
 In Good Company
16 W. 23rd Street (4th Floor)
New York, NY 10010

Only 15 seats available

See you there!

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