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Socialness Class :: The Art of Social Networking


Sold Out

Our last Socialness class was a success! We will have another class, so stay tuned to when the next date is released, and/or sign up for the newsletter for an announcement.

"Socialness" is commonly referred to as "social networking" or "social marketing".  Here at Katie James Pixelated, Socialness means the natural blend between communicating with people by way of participating with them on many levels to achieve different goals for your business or person. Strategies for using social networking will be different for every business, person, and campaign/project for a particular aspect of a business. Popular social websites in a growing arena are Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and more are being introduced each month. Learn how these tools work in order to craft strategies to use them to get your message out.

Socialness Goals include:
  • Promote a product to leaders and trendsetters (ie bloggers and other social networkers)
  • Attract comments for a blog post, then for more blog posts
  • Earn a recommendation on LinkedIn
  • Get interviewed by a New York Times reporter
  • Gain a bunch of Twitter followers
  • Increase affiliate ad sales
  • Discover new product ideas
  • The list goes on and is up to your imagination and needs

Socialness class details:
  • Get your social mojo and share what you're doing
  • The importance of participating
  • Which social networks to use - you can't be everywhere at once, can you?
  • How to use helpful tools within these social networking websites
  • Best practice in a public, online place
  • Why your website design really matters here
  • Is social networking for you?
You will leave with:
  • How to gain and keep genuine followers and friends, and how not to be a Friend Whore
  • How to build a Facebook Page and promote it
  • 3 Free ways to promote that you've been looking at the whole time

Come prepared with one burning question (hard, right?). We will go around the room and ask these questions in order to answer them during the class. The final portion of the class will be devoted to a Q/A session.

 WHEN ::
Date to Come
 In Good Company
16 W. 23rd Street (4th Floor)
New York, NY 10010

Only 15 seats available

See you there!

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