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Twitter Paper: Butterfles in Green (twitter background)



White and green butterflies flitter while you twitter against a green sky. A perfect twitter background for an extra Spring-like day. Add to your collection.

Limited Edition: 250 available

To use:
You will get the file after purchase.
Save it to your computer.
Log into your account.
On the top right of, click the link called Settings.
Click the Design tab.
Where it says Background Image, make sure "Use background image" and "Tile" are selected ("Tile" will make the image repeat itself).
Cick "Browse" to get this file you just saved.
Scroll down and click Save.
To see your new Twitter page, click Home at the top of the screen.

Recommended Matching Twitter Colors:
In twitter, you can change the colors on your links and side bar. Here are the colors we recommend to match the Butterflies in Green Twitter Paper design:
Text Color: 000000 (black)
Name Color: 000000 (black)
Link Color: FF0064 (fucia)
Sidebar Fill Color: FFFFFF (white)
Sidebar Border Color: 87BC44 (dark lime green)

See you in Twitter!

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