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Cotton Baby Burp Cloth Set :: Brown and Tan



This pretty burp cloth is all cotton. One side is a cotton brown or tan cotton wildflower print, and the other is a white French terry cloth. Absorbent, and gets softer with each wash. Our favorite part about the burp cloth is that it is floppy, and falls with your body. It is not stiff, like a pot holder, and the fabric is soft all the time. Perfect to transition into a baby blanket. And of course, this burp cloth is pretty, goes with Mom's outfits, and can be used for a baby boy or girl.

Burp Cloth Details

cotton burp cloth 100% french terry-cloth, 100% cotton
cotton burp cloth 9.5" x 17.5"
cotton burp cloth 2 in 1 set
cotton burp cloth Washable

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