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Is your shopping cart secure? How do you process my order?

ZenCart and PayPal are trusted companies who process your transaction. ZenCart is the database manager for katie james, and stores personal information, like which products you've purchased and if you've signed up for the newsletter. PayPal safely and securely handles your financial transaction. Both are reputable, trusted and highly used when making transactions online. Click here to learn more about ZenCart. Click here to learn more about PayPal.

What is "My Closet"?

"My Closet" is your shopping cart. It's where you keep the katie james items you'd like to purchase. If you're not ready to buy, "My Closet" will keep track of your items if you log out or come back days later.

What does "fengtual" mean?

feng * tual - adj. the art of bringing the goals of feng shui (balance, harmony and comfort) to product design for a beautifully functional accessory that answer the needs and desires of the owner.

Where are katie james accessories made?

katie james accessories are produced in the garment district of New York City. The garment district is a fast moving and thrilling place to be, but it's a shrinking area, as more supplies are available online, and production is moved overseas. Producing in New York means we can take the subway down to the workshop to check a sample or drop off fabric. We like it this way, and hope to continue to produce in the United States.

What does it mean to have a katie james accessory?

katie james accessories can be fresh takes on a common item, or they can be a whole new invention. Katie Hellmuth, the designer of katie james, likes to think about better ways of doing things. At times, she has been accused of "swimming upstream," but she only does this when she feels there is a better way just up the creek.

Katie was trained early by her mother and her grandmother to appreciate fine details found in good fabrics: texture, color, and durability. katie james accessories are always made with good, dependable fabrics in lively and unusual color combinations.

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