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Jobs at Katie James, Inc.

Working at Katie James, Inc. is really fun. Katie James, Inc. is  a kaleidoscope of products and services. From fabric to pixels, we design and develop it and help others reach their pixelated potential, be it for a brand or personal use. If you would like to work for a small business, either mobile or in person, stay tuned to this page for job descriptions. If you have a burning desire to get first hand experience of building a business, and are looking for an internship, you can contact us with your background, skills, and reason why you want to work with Katie James, Inc.


We are looking for a Digital Traffic Controller to manage projects we produce. Candidate can live anywhere in the Eastern Standard Timezone and can be virtual (not that we don't want to see you, we're just all mobile). This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to learn how a website agency operates. We're looking for someone who is very good at scheduling and following up to keep our projects on track. You will gain first hand experience at building different types of websites (ecommerce, memberships, heavy content, etc.), as well as print projects. You will gain exposure to good SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, and will dive into some projects to tweak HTML. We will teach you whatever you want to know, and love forward thinkers who are team players. This position is part time on an as-needed basis. Your consistency, organizational skills, attention to detail, and personal touch will carry you in this job.

Details for the position include:
- Liaison directly with clients to manage their website and print projects
- Communicate with designers and developers to ensure website work is tested and client direction communicated
- Browser check websites to make sure they work across specific browsers. We will guide you in how to do this.
- Keep deadlines for several projects at once and make sure team members are staying on deadline.
- Complete some website work on client websites, such as updating their press page, preparing image files, uploading documents to our server, etc. You could be doing all sorts of fun things, including improving page layouts on blogs, etc.
- Working knowledge of HTML preferred.
- Working familiarity with Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking platforms
- Tweak PDFs, images and other misc tech things as needed.
- Desire to learn all about ecommerce and content heavy websites, and how they are networked across search engines and social networking platforms.
- Forward thinkers. We love and appreciate new ideas!

Working knowledge of: Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat (for editing/creating PDFs), Word, Excel, Google Docs, preferably has a Mac. If you don't know HTML that's ok. If you want to learn it, we can teach you.

To see websites we've built, visit

To apply, contact Katie via www.katie-james/contact. Let her know about your skill set and the highlights in your experience. No attachments please (virus safety first). Thanks!

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