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Free Desktop Wallpaper

Pretty and free desktop art for your computer's desktop/face. Nice colors to rest your eyes on after staring at mainly white browser screens and Word documents. Select designs come with organizational boxes to organize lingerng files placed on the desktop. Boxes include "temporary," "pdfs," "images," "documents," and "hard drives & programs." Your computer thanks you for the pretty colors.

Directions For Macs: Click on the size file that you need. When it opens, go to "File" > "Save As" and save it into a folder you'll remember, or create one special or desktop art. Go to your "System Preferences" (usually the little white icon with a light switch) and in "Personal," click "Desktop and Screen Saver." Find the folder that says "Choose Folder," then find the folder you created for desktop art, and the file you saved. Select the file and voila!

Directions For Windows: Pretty similar to directions for Macs. We have first-hand experience with Macs, but we can try to help.  :)

starbucks snow desktop wallpaper
Starbucks snow
inspired by red Starbucks holiday cups
mobile | small | large

secret dream desktop wallpaper
secret dream
small | large

twitterpaited wallpaper
for my Grandy
small | medium | large

wild flower stencils wallpaper
wild flower stencils organizer
based on Katie James Burp Cloths
small | medium | large

dogwood bouque wallpaper
dogwood bouquet
small | medium | large

lazy lazy susans at dusk
small | medium | large

lazy lazy susans at dusk organizer
small | medium | large

geraniums in kitchen window
small | medium | large

geraniums in kitchen window organizer
small | medium | large


ralf flower desktop wallpaper

blossom storm
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