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About Katie James, Inc.

Katie James, Inc. is an independent label for funky, feminine and functional designs for accessories.

Katie James is about merging function and pretty into one, which is known as "fengtual" to founder and designer Katie Hellmuth Martin. The motto at Katie James is: "Looking good is feeling good."  Katie James is committed to providing organization and structure to necessary objects, such as jewelry bags or websites. All products are made in the USA (Alabama, to be exact). Most products are the result of desires of friends in need of a stylish solution. Fabrics we use are produced in a limited edition.

PS: Katie designed her wedding dress! During the designing of it, secret details and eventual unveiling of the entire dress were found at her blog, FashionMista. Find all things wedding here.

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Studio Pixelated, the digital division of Katie James, Inc.

Studio Pixelated is the online graphic division of Katie James, Inc., and we approach website design and strategic development in the same way the accessories are designed: function first. We aim to give the user an easy experience using a website, and the website owner the power to change content, images, links, products, and more. All of our designs are SEO friendly, meaning we design them to be attractive to search engines.

Services for Studio Pixelated include website design, editing, programming, strategic development (helping you visualize components of the website), SEO strategies and techniques, ghost editing, tutorials in coding or SEO practices, personal consulting, social networking, and more.

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